If you're short on free time, equipment, space, etc. If you're very busy, but interested in getting healthy.
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The Executive Program:

01. If you travel or work a lot &/or don't have much of a gym.

02. If you spend a lof of time sitting or working on a computer.

03. If you're hours aren't flexible, but you want to get healthy

Summary: If you're interested in a program that is great for restoring you back to health and then improving your health, but time and equipment are your primary limitations


If you're interested in competing in functional fitness or attaining a very high level of physical fitness
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The Competitor Program:

01. If you have been doing functional fitness for 2+ years.

02. If you're interested in competing locally, or hope to be a games athlete.

03. If you're training is very important to you and you can spend a minimum of 1.5 hours 5 days a week training.

Summary: You're good, but you want to be elite. Regardless of age, you're already serious about you're fitness, now you're ready to start or continue competing in an Rx or Elite division.


If you're just getting started with functional fitness or are 50+. Bad joints? No experience? Perfect.
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The Longevity Program:

01. If you want to feel good every day you wake-up & regain/maximize your youthfulness.

02. If you're looking to learn the basics or build on the basics, to develop healthy movement patterns.

03. If you're 50+ or just starting out doing functional fitness.

Summary: Age & experience are just numbers, but you either don't have much experience, you have a lot of years, or both! Let's get your healthy and moving right!


Online or in person, personal training and/or programming.
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The Individual Program:

01. If you want 1-on-1 programming, personal training, or both.

02. If you want 1-on-1 coaching sessions for nutrition, training, and lifestyle.

03. If you're ready to set some goals or already have some in mind

Summary: If you're ready to achieve or create your goals as soon as possible, then here is your tailored fit approach. With 1-on-1 coaching + accountability, you're on the fast track to success.